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Patient Reference Group

Patient Group

The surgery has a patient group that have a say in the way your local health services are delivered.

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Surgery Report 2016

The results of our 2016 Patient Survey Report are now available.

Why have a Patient Group?

The Binfield Surgery Patient Group was set up to:

  • Provide the patient perspective by:
    • Conducting patient surveys or collecting feedback in the waiting room
    • Sharing good practice by networking with other patient groups
    • Lobbying to improve a whole range of health services
  • Promote health matters by:
    • Organising presentations on important health needs
    • Producing a directory of self-care support groups
    • Raising awareness of key public health messages
  • Improve communications by:
    • Building two-way relationships between patients and the practice
    • Promoting awareness of and access to local health services
    • Developing a patient library or information resource centre
    • Improving the practice leaflets and website
  • Influence the development of services by:
    • Advising on the development of new or existing practice premises
    • Representing patient views on the purchase of health services
    • Co-ordinating with other patient groups to improve wider healthcare delivery
    • Bidding with the practice to provide new services

To summarise all of the above we exist to make the relationship between patients and their practice stronger, which is critical to the provision of modern, high-quality general practice.

Bracknell and Ascot CCG

Bracknell and Ascot Clinical Commissioning Group (BACCG)

BACCG will involve local people, partners and staff at all stages in planning, shaping and designing local health services, and in setting priorities for Bracknell Forest & Ascot. 

If you would like more information about how to get involved email Bracknell and Ascot CCG or visit their website

Terms of Reference

Binfield Surgery Patient Reference Forum Terms of Reference - May 2011

The Binfield Surgery Patient Reference Group (BSPRG) is established is to promote health by fostering the highest possible standard of primary care through the medium of patient participation.


  1. COMMUNICATION: Members of The BSPRG should act as a communication channel between the Practice and the community in order to help patients use facilities to the best advantage and the Practice to implement policies influenced by representative patient views.  The BSPRG may from time to time conduct surveys in conjunction with the Practice.
  2. COMMUNITY ‘NEEDS’: The BSPRG should have a role in assisting in assessment of community ‘needs’ to help the Practice improve its service.
  3. HEALTH EDUCATION: The BSPRG should advise the Practice of health education needs in the community in order for the Practice to provide appropriate and useful community health education meetings.
  4. PRACTICE BASED COMMISSIONING and PRIMARY CARE ORGANISATION: The BSPRG will be informed of the general practice policies and Practice Based Commissioning by the GP Consortium to which the Practice belongs. The BSPRG will express opinions on these policies on behalf of the patients.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership shall be open and free to all patients and staff of the Practice.

COMMITTEE & OFFICERS: The Committee shall consist of 2 Officers - a Chairman and Secretary plus up to 10 other BSPRG members who must be registered Patients of the Binfield Surgery. The Practice will be represented by a Partner depending upon availability, the Practice Business Manager or other staff as nominated by the Practice. Practice members are not eligible to vote. The Committee shall endeavour to meet not less than four times a year, either in person or via a “Virtual meeting” at such times and place as the Secretary shall specify as agreed by the Chairman. The Committee shall be empowered to manage the affairs of the BSPRG and to take any action on its behalf to further the aims of the group. At the meetings of the Committee, three members plus one officer shall constitute a quorum.