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Patient Survey 2019

The doctors and staff at our practice want to provide the highest standard of care.

We would like your experience with us to be pleasant. Feedback from this survey will enable us to identify areas that may need improvement. Your opinions are therefore very valuable.

This Survey is in collaboration with our Patient Reference Group.

 How would you describe how often you come to the Surgery?
 What is your age?
 Are you aware of the following?

 How satisfied are you with the general practice appointment times that are available to you?
 Overall, how would you describe your experience of making an appointment at the Surgery?
 Were you able to get an appointment to see or speak to someone the last time you tried?
 During your last general practice appointment, did you feel that the healthcare professional recognised and/or understood any mental health needs you might have?
 The Practice aims to maintain a good and friendly reception service at all times. Based on your own experiences in the last 12 months, please rate your satisfaction with the aspects of the Reception service below. Please tick all that apply

 If you have a disability, impairment or sensory loss, does Binfield Surgery provide the necessary services to support and communicate with you appropriately?
 Have you used the machine in the waiting room to test your blood pressure in the last 12 months?
 Are you a carer for someone else with a long term condition, e.g. Dementia, Mental Illness, or any other disability?single,below
 If yes, please provide details below:
 Date of Birth:
 Email address:
 Who you care for:
 By providing my email address I understand the Surgery may use it to share information regarding carer services and to put me in touch with 'Signal', the local service for carers. By providing this information I understand the survey is no longer confidential. If you would prefer to leave your carer information independent of this survey, please see reception.
 Social prescribing is about connecting people to local groups and activities which is shown to benefit the physical and mental well-being of patients. Are you aware of this scheme?
 If yes, how?

 What do you think are the things that most need improving at the Binfield Surgery?

 If you feel strongly your choices are missing, please tell us more below
 Would you like to offer a comment, criticism or a compliment for the Patient Group to consider, to prioritise their work for the next 12 months?