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Rights and Responsibilities of Patients


Referrals to Private Willing Providers (PWPs) are made in the best interests of the patient. The patient has the final decision as to who they choose to see for their treatment. This practice recognises the qualifications and specialisations of its partner PWPs and declares a financial interest in the relationship which is not dependent upon the referral.

You have the right to:

  • Emergency care when needed
  • Referral to a consultant when necessary
  • Access to online services including access to your medical records (fees may apply)
  • A named GP
  • To see a GP of your choice

You have responsibility to:

  • Arrive for your appointments on time or to cancel in good time
  • Follow medical advice
  • Remember that an individual appointment is for one patient only
  • Give the doctor/nurse all relevant information including updated address and telephone details

A more detailed policy is available on request.