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Patient Participation Group

The surgery encourages patients to be involved in relevant issues relating to provision of their healthcare. This means having a say in the way your local health services are delivered.

The voluntary patient group meets approximately six times per year; the practice is always represented, usually by the practice manager and one of the GP partners.

Why have a Patient Group?

The Binfield Surgery Patient Group was set up to:

  • Provide the patient perspective by:
    • Conducting patient surveys or collecting feedback in the waiting room
    • Sharing good practice by networking with other patient groups
    • Lobbying to improve a whole range of health services
  • Promote health matters by:
  • Improve communications by:
    • Building two-way relationships between patients and the practice
    • Monthly Patient Information, published in the Binfield Beacon (distributed to all houses in the Binfield area)
    • Information posters on community noticeboards/social media (if you are aware of a noticeboard without this health information, please contact the patient group)
    • Improving the practice leaflets and website
  • Influence the development of services by:
    • Advising on the development of new or existing practice premises
    • Representing patient views on the purchase of health services
    • Co-ordinating with other patient groups to improve wider healthcare delivery
    • Collaborating with the practice to provide new services
    • Representing local views on the services provided by the wider NHS organisations

To summarise all of the above we exist to make the relationship between patients and our practice stronger, which is critical to the provision of modern, high-quality general practice.

Surgery Report 2018

The results of our 2018 Patient Survey Report are now available.

Established Patient Group Members

Karen was the original chair of the current patient group in 2010, has championed a plethora of health and well-being topics and as a result of this was the Lay Member for Patient and Public Engagement for Bracknell Forest & Ascot, taking her skills further afield than just Binfield. She now represents public and patient views as a Lay Member on several NHS England committees across Berkshire and the Thames Valley. She is the founder of HealthMakers which encourages patients to lead healthier lives.

Duncan has been an active member of the group since 2012, been instrumental in the conducting of patient surveys, assisting patients with internet access to their records, writing monthly articles for the Binfield Beacon. He is a fantastic pair of ears for local patient opinions, many of which he challenges the surgery to provide appropriate responses.

Sue is the current secretary of the group, joining in 2016, bringing scientific process and talent into our midst. She is an experienced youth leader, especially with families with extreme social deprivation. She is instrumental in the publication of each patient survey, patient group minutes and a very willing pair of hands.

Gill joined the Patient Group in 2013 and was ‘voluntold’ into the position of chair in 2016. She injects humour into serious conversations and is passionate about educating people so they understand how to use the NHS appropriately. This led to her taking on the role of Lay Member for Patient and Public Engagement in 2018 for Bracknell Forest & Ascot.

Derrick joined the group in 2012. He has recently been on a Sabbatical, due to health issues. Having now recovered he has re-joined the “hard working little team”. He regularly assists with the distribution of posters and other information at appropriate places around Binfield. He is always willing to take on extra tasks.

We each have our own contacts and try to represent as many different views as possible.

We would love to welcome additional new members to broaden the views of the group.