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Keeping Healthy

Cervical Smear Tests

The practice nurses provide a cervical cancer screening service. See national guidelines.
The test involves the nurse doing a vaginal examination and taking a sample of the cells on the surface of the neck of the womb (the cervix). The sample is then examined under the microscope at the lab.

The aim is to look for and identify cancer warning cells. If these are found then treatment can be organised to prevent cervical cancer ever developing.

We cannot do smears that are not due, so please book an appointment after you have received a reminder letter only.

Weight Management

If you would like to know more about weight and diet advice, we offer a weight management clinic giving you advice on how to lose weight and stay healthy.

Travel Vaccinations

For more information, please visit the Travel Vaccinations page.

Binfield Self Help Guide

For advice on how to manage minor illnesses, please visit the Binfield Self Help Guide page.

INR Clinic

Regular checks and tests to review and monitor patients on Warfarin. For more information, please read our patient friendly guide to Warfarin.