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Telephone 01344 286264

Travel Vaccinations

Before you can be offered an appointment for travel vaccines you will need to complete and return a Travel Risk Assessment Form.

We have a few travel appointments available but we are unable to guarantee an appointment as these get booked up very quickly. Should you be able to book an appointment, this needs to be at least three weeks ahead of any planned travel.

We advise you to check and read through www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk for the country/countries you are travelling to. It is your responsibility to have done your own research before the appointment and to print off any recommended vaccines and your vaccine history (if you have one). If you are registered with our online services you will be able to obtain this from there.

The surgery is able to provide, free of charge assuming an appointment is available, the following six vaccines: Tetanus, Polio, Diphtheria, Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Cholera. Malaria tablets can be purchased via Superdrug.co.uk (telephone 0203 5880 293 for those without internet access).

Any other vaccines required will have to be booked with a private travel clinic.

MASTA Travel Clinic, Dukes Pharmacy – 0330 100 4106
196 Dukes Ride
RG45 6DS

Currently this clinic does not offer Yellow Fever services

MASTA Travel Clinic – Newdays Pharmacy – 0330 100 4106

60 Wensley Road

MASTA Travel Clinic – Newdays (Eton Pharmacy Windsor) – 0330 100 4106

Eton Pharmacy
30 High Street

Reading Travel Clinic – 0330 100 4292

Grovelands Medical Centre
701 Oxford Road
RG30 1HG

Currently this clinic does not offer Yellow Fever services

To make an appointment, you will need to pre-register with MASTA at www.masta-travel-health.com.